Holy cow it was cold this weekend

Did anyone brave the frigid temps and actually ride outside?

Nope it was to cold for me.

I thought about riding, but then my toes got cold…so I packed it in

Last gasp of winter I hope.

Nope but thought about it…
Friday: 1.5 hrs of indoor soccer then gym later on.
Sunday: Nice long hike around Stillwell area…later on gym and some bball.

Gonna switch my training up this year. Been lifting heavier lately and already packed on about 3 lbs of muscle. Dropping some of the winter chunk as well. Even throwing in some yoga for flexibility and core strength. Trails will get ravished this season!!

I rode Bethpage Saturday. I have to say the combination of getting over bronchitis and how cold it was made it less then fun. I usually do about 10 miles there I ended up cutting off my favorite half mile loop, and calling it a day at a little over 9 miles. The wind was brutally cold.

Dude…you have got guts!! or should I say say…dude you’re nutz!

I went to Belle Sunday morning…13° displayed on the truck, ok I’ve been out in colder temps…add the wind, ok it should be less in the woods. Well there was a surprising decent group of riders at the trailhead! I went to the west side first and I’ll just end the long story here, it was one of the coldest rides that I can remember!! Usually I’ll stop once or twice to warm up my fingers but this time it took four stops till I was ok. After the west side I picked at a few sections west of the power lines for a 1 1/2 ride. Yup I was underdressed for the Temp’s and wind. The west side has a few new added sections too. Belle is a marathon trail now!

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Yet another one.

you guys are crazy

Hardcore guys! You are nuts!