Holy.....blue toe!

So, I clothed up and was thinking about Riding today… Guru from SBRA was doing a MVH ride at 9 which was labeled as a b/b+ ride.
Did my usual and watched Joel at 7 with a cup of coffee. After it was over I had another cup.

Flipped on the local weather to see what was in store… Cold…EFing cold.

I sat and contemplated for a bit… went outside for the real feel…

EFing Cold!

so I drank more coffee and gathered up the strength to load my bike. Got it all set up and ready to go… out the door by 9 and straight to the trail.
Unfortunately Rons Ride left and was gone.
No worries I hit the trail at about 10 to 10 …way over dressed. At first didnt feel so bad, but as the ride progressed my toes…numbed out and hurt like hell… at about 10 miles I run into ron and his ride… and I was cold!

Gave it everything I had…which wasnt much for this 56 year old coot…and hammered away

when I finally rolled into the lot by the car… I swear to you… I swear…my toes must have been blue

Never again!

Yeah, it’s no joke when you’re out there riding in 20something degree weather. Even with neoprene booties it’s still chilly.