Hmmm might get a ride in this weekend

Fingers crossed that we stay warm and dry enough for a ride this weekend! Hopefully the Stan’s hasn’t dried out in the tires…

Fingers crossed for no rain.

You will be riding! Trails are fine as long as you know what parts to avoid. Belle was fine Sunday afternoon…pick and choose and I came out of the trail clean. West side was fine, north and east was fine also. Ride on!

Trail reports for this weekend?

I’m getting excited but also a bit wary because it’s been a couple of weeks… Stillwell will not be kind to me I have a feeling.

Dont sweat it tim.

Ride the best you can

I was nervous about spin (being I have not done a ting in 2 weeks)and I felt incredible tonight.

2 weeks off and my watts are up…big time!