Hit Stillwell Woods today

Finally got back on a trail… It’s pretty much how I remembered it, maybe it slightly better shape. Still confusing at some points… I did the same part like 3 times before correcting it. I clearly got a little lost and missed some markers if you take a look at my GPS map. Judging by the official map I missed quite a bit. Next time!

Still, the trail was fun, mostly dry except for just a couple of puddles and my trusty old Marin held up better than fine. Now my trusty body that’s a different story. My legs are jelly but that’s what you get when you don’t get out on the trails for awhile I guess.




You are so right. Stillwell is in better shape now than years ago. But it is still sandy, Still holds water and the dirt is still tacky.

Looks like you had a blast…good for you

Would have been a lot better if I didn’t sort of lose my way. I kind of like the washed out parts, you don’t get rocks like that elsewhere.

Definitely needs better marking at certain junctions…my old stomping ground. Used to ride that trail and Trailview alot when I lived in Wantagh.

Tim, Stillwell is an incredible trail and it will turn your legs to mush. Really cant much out of the original loop (unless you get delirious). Personally I would intentionally cut Loco…

I love stillwell and would ride it more if it was closer. But since the days gone by when I used to ride stilly 4-5 times a week (Circa early 90s) Good trails are a lot closer

Loco is one of my favorite sections there cause it has drops and features along the way. Most people who lack technique dislike that section. Prob why they took it out of the Macho Man race. Geez…a technical section in a Mtb race…oh the horror!!! Plus Stilly is too short to cut anything out. Even when I was riding 2.1 Panaracers XC FirePros never complained of the really dry conditions that occur there. It’s my favorite trail to ride on my fatty other than Caumsett. If you ever need a tour Tim…just ask!!

I’m not going to comment to this negative post

It doesn’t seem to end Jim

Yo Billy

Your a stilly guy

Does the trail seem as if its in better shape now?

To me,that trail is always in great shape lol… But if I had to,I would say it is looking better than usual

I agree, stilly was always bombed out bad. Now it seems to be in its best shape ever

More trail choices so less traffic there maybe.

I guess with all the complaining and questions they must have gone in and started to clean it up a bit,plus Ron is very dedicated to the care of that place