Hardtail vs full suspension

Had to say since I build my new hardtail I’m having more fun on my ht than my fs

What did you build and pictures!

Kona explosif Uploading…

It’s nice to have a stable of bikes to switch it up. Rigid SS, hardtail, full suspension, fattys, and djers all ride so differently. I have fond memories of my 1st hardtail which I converted to a Djer. Now I still keep one… 29er Gt Karakoram.

Gus you just had to didn’t you

Its easy to go faster on a properly set up FS bike

I can not bomb the bombable stuff on my HT. Its just not conducive to my body.

I can not climb as well on my FS as the HT

My Carbon HT is insanely light, but does not have the aggressive handling characteristics of my FS
It is more “Flickable” but it does not turn nearly as well as the FS.

What do I prefer?
All day long I prefer the FS. Life is fast on the FS…everything is a blur every part of my body is at eases at the end of a ride. Though I keep my suspension stiff there is enough there to take the edge off.

Post up the pics

Lol to me cunnie stillwell. I prefer my fs but rest of the trails ht and prefer my fs on upstate and wescheter Techial trails and of course deff fs at sprain and blue. :wink: