Happy 2019 ya'll

Happy New Year! I hope we have all have a great year with more riding and more fun.

You too Tim…already started the year with a 5 mile recovery ride in Wantagh. My friend Dave joined me…we should have a Visionmtb bbq ride this year.

Happy New year !!!

2019…Ride with Passion!!!

How are the trails looking? Lots of wet and cold weather recently. But hey, no bugs!

too funny… “no Bugs”

I am sure the trails will be a mess. Seems like LIAC is doing a lot of beach riding. The rides have been huge! Some times as many as 40 riders.

Get a fat bike and join them

FYI Tim… I added you to that group

Belle is always good if you stay off the mains. No mud and no bugs!

yeah, I did Northwest on saturday…trail is Phenomenal…go git some!

Where is the Northwest trail? What type of trail, distance etc. Thank you for any info!

Northwest woods trail head is on RT114 about 2 miles south Of sag. Its typical long island. In comparison I would say, much like cathedral with a mix of Rocky. Lots of roots… some great single track, which is fast!

A bit of a ride but I’ll get there this winter. Thanks for the info.

The Beauty of this trail is under compromised weather conditions…its always rideable

That’s a good option! I’m still picking and choosing at Belle just because it’s close to me and I never come out muddy or rut up the trail.
Sounds like I should head east a bit! Thanks

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