Happy 1 year anniversary for resurrected VisionMTB.com

So, it’s been a year since I’ve refreshed things around here and I think it’s been successful. The idea was to engage users (riders) and maybe build and repair some bridges that have been beat up over the years. While it’s still an ongoing project some progress has been made and we’ve enjoyed a steady uptick in visitors.

Now if we can dry out the trails and get out to ride that would be great!

Wow…time flys when your having fun! I actually hit Glacier Ridge late evening with my friend Jared. Was in superb shape…only a couple wet spots. New cut off White Ghost is pretty good. An off camber switchback climb with a bomb downhill finish with a big berm ending…Will go for a Pr on bench today at the gym for the anniversary!!

Great Job Tim!

Its great to see a forum that unites a community…voice an opinion with out being scalded or having your post deleted.

I have seen some bridges that became beat up pretty bad…Brought out all the proper tools to repair the beat up bridges only to be greeted by def ears and attempts to undermine my efforts.

Dry trails?

Manorville is always dry!

Woo Hoo , one year , time if flying.

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