Guerrilla Gravity bikes

The prices on these are pretty good considering they are carbon. If I was in the market, I would definitely consider one of these.

Very interesting

I maybe in the market soon.

Leaning towards a Recluse or maybe another spider. I would consider the Sniper, but still not sold on 29" wheels

It seems like there are so many good bikes now. I took a gamble on a new full suspension bike to replace my Lenz Leviathan (100mm,29er). I invested on a Kickstarter company Tantrum.
Brian the designer made some bold claims and stirred the pot a bit so I drank the Kool aid! Basically I bought the bike for upstate so I knew it would be way too much for local trails at 140ft and 160 rear…29er, 27.5 mixed wheel! Well I’m riding it all over and it’s great.
It’s always fun trying new bikes! I only read great things about GG bikes. Sometimes it just works out.

Nice ride. Mixed wheels, that’s working out ok?

Any new bike is always a nice ride! My other bikes are all 29ers and have been for a long, long time and I can say I have found no negatives. I was concerned about the longer wheelbase and this was a suggestion from the designer/builder to keep the bike a little more nimble.

That makes sense. One day I’ll move to a 27.5 or 29, but for now I’m still 26.

OMG… My 26 dices and slices like a Ginsu Knife. It is such a quick handler it scares me. Its a little less stable in the air… but for Long Islands tight/turning trails… it is incredible.

The 275 definitely is more stable and in the air… but I find myself Steering the bike more than …per say… carving.

I definitely feel the gyro effect of the bigger wheels, which cause the bike to stand up … hence the steering effect… But I run a shorter shock (Same travel) and deliberately use a 26 fork to keep the bike lower to the ground. This definitely helps