Great weather or what?

Wow has it been nice out this week anybody get some good riding in?

So great I am off to MVH first thing…loving the weather

I’ll be in Maine tomorrow with the boys doing some real shredding up at Thunder Mountain on the big bikes…Send it!!

Post up pics

Love to see how REAL shredding looks

Guess I will just stick around the island and do some…sissy riding

Oh you guys.

Stillwell tomorrow morning for me :sunglasses:

Man…I love stilweel?

Unfortunately I will be at the Gun show in Hauppauge.

Most incredible day of riding at Manorville today. Took out the 275 and …well…enjoyed the way it felt. Does not turn as crisp as the 26, but when she is spooled up …she goes. Even on climbs. Takes a little more energy to get’r up to speed, but she climbs!