Going bagless is possible with little compromise

So I’m continuing on my quest to go bagless and I’ve been using a couple of different things to make sure I have all the gear that is necessary.

First up is a SpeedSleev to hold a multi-tool (http://amzn.to/29pNoRt):

The Crank Bros multi fits in here great and did not fall out even during a crash.

Also key to going bagless is a water bottle but you can just use any cage you want. I went carbon because my frame is carbon.

In addition to the cage, I added a Crank Bros pump holder that uses the cage holes to attach and it also worked well, even in a crash (Amazon.com):

Finally, and probably the biggest help, is a really good pair of shorts. This can’t be overlooked because these can hold your phone, keys, chapstick and other assorted items. I prefer the Zoic Ether shorts because they hold the weight great, have a lot of pockets and also are very comfortable. Whatever shorts you choose, make sure they have pockets to hold things but also do not inhibit riding while carrying your gear.

Not a fan of the pump,I had one and it eventually starts to open and hits your pedal… I use a camel back,I pay it no mind and it doesn’t effect me… But I used to put all my stuff in a water bottle

I thought about a water bottle solution but I only have holes for one cage. The pump didn’t move and if it does I’ll slap some black duct tape on it to keep it steady.

Check out the awesome strap. It holds just about all your essentials compactly to the seatpost. Backcountry Research has some nice product.