Glove recommendations

I’ve been riding with an old pair of gloves that I need to take off to use my phone. Give me some ideas; what do you ride with?

I usually dont ride with gloves. When I do its JT racing gloves.I purchase them off ebay and as with most Motocross gloves, they last for ever and fit great

I’ve been using the Fox Dirtpaw and Fox Bomber gloves for a couple years now. The dirtpaw is more breathable and lighter. The bomber has inserts on the knuckles and I use mostly for off island and Dhing. There is also a newer model called the Unabomber which is somewhere in between.

How’s the cushion between thumb and index finger palm side? I need some padding there.

The JT gloves have a, I would like to say leather…but…extended piece of padding there. They are designed for motorcycle style grips.

I checked out the Fox gloves and some Pearl Izumi pairs at REI; not really what I’m looking for so I’ll keep looking. Thanks for the suggestions though.