GFNY 2017 ride report

Another race under the tires , an excellent day for it.
Had a blast , met a lot of great people from every where even had a chance to try out my Spanish and French !!!

The course is brutal getting to bear mountain is the easy part .
The return to Fort Lee , another story. Saw lots of people walking not quitting determined to finish.

I passed one guy about a mile from the end asked him if he wanted to finish together , " Go for it I have nothing left ".

The police are everywhere keeping things under control , if you needed help there were support vehicles all along the course.

Already signed up for 2018.

What I considered high lights of the race,
Chatting with folks from England, riding a pace line with Colombians with there music blasting on there phones. Dancing with the Brazilians at the top of bear mountain . Finishing strong kicking myself for saving to much for the end. Attacking cheesecoat hill and flying up it.

The bad , the people on the side cramping up. Watching the look on a persons face at the 80 mile mark when they realize there race is over.

This race is a test of you and the course. A heard a lot of comments about " I can ride this any time I want ".
Of course you can it’s not the same as riding it with five thousand new friends.

you are an insperation artie.

I would love to do one of these

Thanks Jim .
They treat you like a professional racer for the ride. You know what the peloton experiences .

I’ve ridden with you Jim , go for it.

One of the guys I ride with won’t ride the GFNY it terrified him and he is a cat three racer.

So far have one definite and a maybe for next years race.
5000 entrants 2800 finishers.
I saw humanity at its best and its raw form.