I have hit a few trails lately.
From the trails I have hit…the best for riding with the least amount of contact with narrow trails that leave the rider in contact with the brush on the side of the trail…exposing the rider to ticks and chiggers.

CP … great shape. A couple of small face slappers…but over all it is in great condition. I know the steward takes a lot of pride in his work and keeps it tip top

Setauket… It is trimmed well and is getting better each year. lot of the tight squeezes now have new lines so you can keep your speed… Minimal face slappers and the trail is wide enough so the small growth is not touching your legs keeping ticks away from the rider.

GR…as usual… Nothing needs to be said here.

Northwest woods… has been nothing but great…who takes care of this trail? It is awesomely trimmed.

Stillwell… Great shape as usual… Bombed out but wide open. No face slappers… but I dont think ticks are out that way

One thing to bare in mind about face slappers… riders before you hit them as well…getting their snot, sweat and saliva on them…so… Face slappers…beware

Did 1st half of ES with my friend Dave today…seems they added 2 more sections or reroutes and mileage must be close to 10-11 miles. Some sections have really broken in including Far East spinout…and yes no face slappers and trail is pretty well trimmed. My friend pulled 1 lil tick off him… I’m guessing whole trail is prob 27 miles now with over 3400 ft of climbing…not bad for a flat island!!

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