Funny Story that happened yesterday

Was at the fort Yesterday just tooling around.
Trail is just shy of 7 miles long.
Very techy… very!
Lots of roots and short punchy hills
Cut ant thrust thru the corners then accelerate hard out of turns.
First day back at the fort in over a week… so I rode a little…shall we say… just getting my timing back and flow.
I get intot he trail and just tool around and not pushing “Sparty Speed” … as Disco said… “Good times not lap times”
so about 3/4 thru a dude comes hammer past me. and goes… fast

I keep going just at a flow speed(which is really hard because this trail has no flow)
Finish up and this guy is waiting for me in the lot. Finished not too far ahead of me.
Introduces himself and then says… “You go good for your age”
We chit chatted back and forth and he asked if I did the whole loop… I was like… DUHHHH…yeah!
I asked him what he logged on the loop and he said 33 mins… I was like wow!
“Thats fast”… then asked what his best time was… 31 mins… and he asked how fast I go
I told him i once timed it at 35 … but usually never do time my loops.
He then says… I did about 33 this last loop and you were easily 34.
I find out he jumped in right after I jumped in and was following me. Past me 3/4 thru then… finished barely ahead of me… (I tossed a chain)

I asked who holds the record and he told me the fastest was 28 mins by some pro guy who comes up from Miami

The fast guys are around 31 mins…
as I said… I was tooling around!

Makes me wonder if I wasnt tooling around and hammering where I would be!

Just feels good to hear compliments from a 39 year old now that I am 59.

I ride min 3 times a week and usually 4 to 5… loving life

That’s awesome, I need to get out and ride more.

I ride a lot. Cant get enough!