Flow trail on Long Island

I’ve been working on Glacier 8 for the last couple of years. With the help of my friends and other stewards it has become a great trail!! We’ve added tons of drains, lots of berms, skinnies, log rolls, drops and kickers. Along with fixing potential trail issues, the amount of flow has greatly increased. The trail currently has over 18 berms with another 10 planned for the future…Agent Orange is the prime example of what a flow trail can become. It has plenty of features to help someone improve their skill set and super fun to ride. If all the stewards had this mentality we would have much better trails…but some progress is better than nothing.

Man I remember when G8 was an after-thought, something you did when you had zero time and were really close. I’m glad the trail has been adopted and made into something worthwhile.

The flow trail work continues…even though it has taken years and lots of hard work…it’s nice to see people enjoying features, flow, tech…things thier just not used too. Many people came up to me this weekend and told me “They wish more Long Island trails had this layout”…I take that as a huge compliment and my goal all along. Unfortunately the older generation has a hard time accepting change and progress…Luckily youth and energy always Wins!!!

Putting in trail work even during a pandemic…

Double or roller…

Catch berm…

New hip line coming…

Hip lip…

Tom’s berm after the hip…

Step up or Megaberm option…

Biggest berm on Long Island…

Dave’s kicker…

Close up…


Thank you for all the work on g8! That trail is alot of fun and definitely more flowing than Belle and that’s my point… each trail should have their own personality. I guess I’m of the “older gen” but I like all trails! Everyone has a favorite and that’s how it should be. Keep riding and stay healthy!

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Looking good Kenny! I will have to get back there again and check it out. All I know is a few of the trails back there the yellow blue and I think the pink and some orange. Will gave a tour one day but my buddy was shot after a few of the climbs. Just another trail to add to the list to explore. Thanks to you and Will for working so hard to make LI a great place to ride.

Asking for a friend
Its good to work on trails. its good to get compliments… Its good to post up pics… but why put in a dig… why add negativity to a positive post?

To each their own with preference.

Unfortunately the older generation has a hard time accepting change and progress Blockquote

Why Knock what somebody else prefers?

Why do you stir the pot with a reply like this… All is good here.

P. S. I’m not looking to stir the pot…

No need to stir the pot. To each his own. Live and let be.

It was a simple question.
I said it was good to work on trails, its good to get compliments, it is goo to get compliments followed by a question.
It was not an attack.
This thread started out fantastic.
I am Happy to see Kenny helping out… then to ad a negative comment under minds the whole thing for me and may scare others away

I want everybody to get along.

Some folk just want to ride trails and have a blast. Others want to go fast, others want to huck. I am all for everybody enjoying the trails they want. Maybe I read the post wrong or maybe I am wrong.

in the end

Thats exactly it to each their own and let it be.

It’s not negatively if it’s based on past experiences…For example lots of folks didn’t like 29ers with wider bars, wider tires changing the layout of their beloved trails…Times change…progress happens. 110mm stems and 25" bars weren’t gonna stick around forever. Some folks went against tubeless, 1x drivetrains, droppers, etc…but alas… you get with the future or get left in the past. And I agree that variety is the spice of life but how many trails of the same kind do we need. Most people welcome the upgrades and ability to work on thier skillset…not everyone is worried about thier Kom times…and asking for a friend…Please!!! Stop being such a bitch Jimmy…glad your no longer around. Where do old folks go to retire…??? Florida…that’s it…

Wow, how do I respond to that.

You got me… again!

Based on experience? so, ya gotta point it out. hey look old slow people who are afraid to change
Add negativity to a thread that started out nice, as I stated.
The beauty of biking is it doesn’t matter what you ride as long as you are riding and HAVING fun. Dont have to keep up with the Jones to enjoy MTBING… or do you? I am all for the trails changing and adding technical sections to the trails. If you want me to clarify… I said trails are evolving because people do not know how to turn. They are making the trails wider and blowing out the turns…Personally, all the trails on Long Island are easy… EASY. I dont say that for fear of people getting insulted because they struggle with stuff… I am all for working on skills… but each trail has its own personality and thats the way it should be Just as Rich said.

as for your comment about being left in the past. I will gladly meet you at the trail of your choice. Give you a 5 min head start, ride my old 26in tracer… winner keeps the losers bike! 57 years old…against a what 34 yo?

and yes I am an ass. when we first met, you were on that clapped out super market bike I felt bad. Offered you help and bike parts… PFFFFT… I was an ass…A friend told me and I wont say who

stiring the pot. I gave you a compliment and stated you added a negative to a good thread and wanted to know why. Now I see, you will never change Kenny.

I have much nicer bikes than you and more of them…stop making up stories…5 min at any trail of my choice…yeah ok…it’s nice to talk a big game…but in reality you’ll never show…and what would I do with a relic put it in the museum…yes our trails aren’t that challenging in comparison to off island but Florida has the lowest elevation of any state…so how hard are your current trails?? If roots take you down at Sparty speed they must be super technical…right??? Your a washed up never has been…and I’m 39 years young and would easily crush you Gramps…don’t talk about it…Be about it!!!

lotta words coming from a small man.

lets do it motor mouth…come on
what do you have to lose… come on young man…

Last time I checked I tower over you and have alot more muscle. Next time your up in N.Y…just holla… Glacier 8…my choice right. We can XC race, downhill race, or do a jump off…whatever you want. You don’t stand a chance!! And please bring the tough guy act with you…would love to see it. Then after I destroy you maybe you can finally fade away for good…

Well that’s entertainment!!! Can you guys hug after the race?


Enough already. Both of you enjoy life and stop this nonsense.



I spent most of this thread laughing.

Dont hold grudges anymore… but this one is not possible to mend.