Finally hit the Edgewood Preserve trail today

Sure I forgot my HR monitor and also turned the Garmin GPS on until I had already ridden the first Blue section twice… Anyway, nice trail that seems barely ridden in some spots. Mostly flat except for the areas that have the advanced sections. Tough to pick a favorite part but I’d have to say the old rail tracks.

I did punk out at the tail end of the trail. I discovered by the rail tracks that my first four gears were not working and apparently hadn’t been since I hit the trail. That explains why it was harder than it should have been.

I have ridden EW a few times before ANY of the new stuff.

Needless to say I was not a fan.

Pics look good

I rode it the other day with my friend Dave. Main loop wasn’t in bad shape but the newer loops were very grown in making tough to navigate. We only did a couple of the diamonds cause my friend was pressed for time. Hopefully this trail doesn’t become another one that doesn’t get maintained properly. Did finish strong at 15.9 miles an hr!!!

Yeah it’s getting a bit bushy in some parts. I think 12 is going to be one that gets overgrown fast from lack of use.

It was bushy when the trail opened.

Building is the easy part
Maintaining the trail is another story

FYI loretto went into RP (Yes, she is the steward) and did some mowing of the high grass today