Fatter tires or a fat bike for winter?

I’ve been thinking about this lately and am not sure if it’s worth getting a fatty for light snow. What do you guys think?

For light snow or under 3" def not necessary. If your talking 3-5" then yes. Also can be used on the beach, soft trails, or very loose trails. It expands your possibilities of riding. And the configurations are numerous nowadays. If you ever want to borrow mine for a demo just holla…

I’ve been riding for 14 years now,and never had a problem riding in snow in my 2.25 kenda nevgals… And I’ve riding in post blizzard and during blizzards… Fatties just make it easier to ride in the snow

Yeah …same as Bill. I never had a problem (Except for the old days with canti brakes and the snow would build up on the straddle cable)…but still no problem…cause I dont ride in the snow.

I went to Florida in February. While in florida we went up to coa coa beach and rented Fat Bikes. We hit the beach and headed north. Lots of pedaling on the hard sand, but I didnt get the thrill many get. I would guess if I did Purchase a fat bike I would get a cheapo. Only because Riding on the beach would get salt all over it and for me in the snow wouldnt matter.

So I would suggeest if you must snow ride, get a cheapy.