Father's day ride through meadow lark park

Had a great ride at meadow lark this morning. Love those log rides. Hate that rock garden. Lol … trail is in great shape. Def gotta ride that trail more often. Amazingly technical.

Good for you

Hear a lot about MLP, But i dont know if its worth a ride for a short loop.

If your gonna go, Def do 2 laps through. Than it’s worth the trip if you don’t live close. There are some really cool little features packed within that 5.5 mile loop.

Or make it a combo ride and link it with Makamah for added mileage and change of scenery.

How long is Makawah and is there a map of some kind for that? I’ve never been on that one. Is it as good as meadowlark?

Not sure of exact length but can easily add 5 or more miles going from Mlp. You can find a rough map online. It kinda rides like Stilly or Es, some sand and roots along the way…

Thanks dude I’ll Def look for that map. Never new that.