Electronic drivetrain gear - what's up?

Is this even worth considering? I mean one more thing to charge, one more unknown. The upside is the supposed “perfect shifting” but I don’t know. What are your thoughts on this guys?

I think it’s super dope and a step in the right direction. Imagine a dropper you can use on several bikes or never needing to adjust gears. Plus it learns how you ride and adjusts automatically…I personally love my colored cables but love the chain and cassette on the AXS…only negative is pricepoint for now…And Shimano is once again playing catch up…:joy:

So, to this day I am not sold on the dropper for long island… I still use my seat to control mu bike… “bouncing around less”

Shimano introduced in the Di series…

Will it work…sure, but

Things that make me wonder
Bike sits for a while and then ridden… one day it will be taken from shelf with a dead battery.
if the dropout is bent during a ride from say… a stick, how would the “On the fly” adjusting be.
Is it affected by by weather.

I am by far not a techno weenie. I prefer tried and true. Hell, im still 3x10. I was with a buddy who was riding a 1x12 or something like that. he was shifting like a mad man… not sold yet.

I’d certainly give it a year or two or three to work the system a bit…it’s been how many years with cables? I picked up a bike last summer and skipped the dropper also but upstate or bigger trails I hear great things.

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It’s intriguing but maybe only for a new ride. Once you have the bike dialed in, I don’t see a reason for changing to this system.

Regarding the dropper, after going over the bars at Stillwell, the dropper has given me the option to get way back without getting stuck on the seat. Love it.

So to answer a couple concerns…

Run time…25 hrs for drivetrain and 60 hrs for dropper post. Batteries only weigh 25 grams for the weight weenies😂. If someone was too lazy to charge thier battery once a month…they could easily swap dropper post battery with drivetrain battery. Batteries charge 60-70% within 1 hr or full charge in less than 2 hrs. Dropper was submerged in 3ft of water over a half hour with no issues. New remake of dropper design makes for ultrafast action and less friction. Passed extreme weather conditions easily.
Drivetrain is actually lighter than current Eagle 1x 12. Rear derailleur has almost a .5" more clearance than current derailleur. Also has built in Overdrive protection built in. A system that allows rear derailleur to move in on a clutch for possible rock, root, stump, etc strikes and then automatically resets position. Can custom program controller(shifter). Drop 2, 3, 4 gears at once if you like.
I see way too many pros and the only con being the pricepoint. The future is here, people either get on board or stay in the past…

Nice information, thanks.

I’ve been looking into this more and while the Shimano system is more affordable, it seems like a real bitch to install. Wires, a battery pack, too much hassle. If this system comes down under $800 I would really consider it.