Edgewood Preserve was great today

Took a ride at Edgewood Preserve today and the trail is in great shape! Did several of the diamonds including #12… which was a bitch. I’ll get some video up soon.

Wow didn’t know there was any more tails off main loop after #8. Is there any kinda map you know of showing the other trails? Haven’t been there in a handful of months now I wanna go back and find these and check em out! :grinning:

Well it was yesterday. But did ride Edgewood with my friend Jared. It was in pretty good shape. Trail was mostly snow packed with some wet pine areas and wet clayish areas.There were plenty of tire marks from previous riders. We got in about 15.4 miles and skipped 2,5, and 7. I calculate total mileage around 18.3 with sections 11 and 13 still missing. A great snow ride is always fun…

Edgewood doesn’t close for hunting like RP? I bet it’s great this time of year with a lot of that brush dying back.

So I did a night ride with my friend Dave bout 2 weeks ago there. All the newer sections that had been cut have broken in. We did hit #13 which is the last one that got added. It is still very soft and full of annoying stumps everywhere…needs to get broken in alot. It’s almost 2 miles…1.9 miles to be exact. I believe Edgewood is now either the 2nd or 3rd longest trail on Long Island!!!

Yeah 13 is something else. It’s too long just to be long and the twists and turns with all the roots makes for bleh riding.

Exactly my feeling…a whole lot of nothing going on. Hopefully #11 will be better…seems to be almost done.

Edgewood has been BLEH from Day one.

If I want to waste time… I would rather waste it driving in a car to a good trail.