Ebikes coming to Federal Lands

I’m kind of surprised by this and am unsure how I feel about it. I’m glad that “bikes” are getting more access and that the hike/horse/everyothergroup did not get their broader ban on mountain bikes, but ebikes are a tricky subject.

Read more here: Secretary of the Interior Orders Ebike Access on Federally Owned Land | Digital Trends

Ebikes are her to stay. The article mentions giving people with limitations access and I agree with that. We as cyclists feel insulted because we worked so hard to get where we are when we see an ebaike… but… IMHO
Its ok for ebikes to have this access.

I agree with you as long as we don’t start seeing the douchebags with essentially electric dirtbikes which is what I am afraid of. People around here seem to have large discretionary income for bikes so this is a distinct possibility.

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