Early start at the jewel!

Good morning gents, goin nice and early to get a ride in at the jewel. Not too many weekends left before it’s closed till april. Gotta get em in.

How was it Yo

Last I rode RP it was in good shape
Hoping your enjoying it

How long does it take you guys to ride RP?

some days is a chill ride…some days a hammer fest.

I have not done a whole loop with all the new stuff to date.
but a loop with out the new stuff (Over the hill…rock and roll) avg time is about 1:30ish. Hammer times 1:2?

Just pulling off the top of my head…from the main lot to the end of west side 17 mins…Rocky point road 19 mins …to campsite 40 mins

Took me from 710am to 915am, and that was with doin everything. I was moving at a good clip but prob stopped at least 3 or 4 times for a 5 to 10 min breather. Trail Was in amazing shape, so fast and flowy. Hoping to hit it up one more time before huntin season starts. Heading out now to glacier ridge try and beat the rain for a quick ride.

Not too shabby

Tell ya what. I hit rock and roll with a vengance. After the first few moguls I feel great, but the redundancy of the moguls bore me to hell.

I loose my enthusiasm after that.

Lol… Yeah, every time I get to that rock at that fork I think go for it man, dont skip it. than half way through it i think oh my God when is the end to this friggin trail and why in God’s name did I agree with my self to not skip it. I hate that it doesn’t have that smooth ridden trail feel, it’s still to new. Not enough people have ridden it yet to pack it down and those moguls are back and leg killers.

I’m pretty sure those newer sections are at least 2 years old. I remember riding them when still fresh and loamy. And I think they were cut to be technical. I need to get some rides in before it closes. Only section that bores me is West side…a lot of nothing going on. Nowadays I believe whole kit and kaboodle is round 22 miles+…

Yeah anasazi. I agree…

I do exactly the same thing. I make it about half way thru the moguls and I am bored. After the moguls stop, I pick the pace up again and the fun returns.