E-bikes are dirt-bikes right?

I really haven’t been keeping up-to-date with the politics of this but come on, these things are dirt-bikes man!

Coming from someone that used to ride several electric scooters commuting (Xootr ex3, GoPed ESR 750…) around Manhattan I understand the electronics here and know what these motors being used are capable of. It’s one thing want to dart around the city (it’s legal on the street in NYC as long as you’re limited to 15mph) and not get sweaty, but using one of these on the trails is just using a quiet dirt-bike.

Am I being elitist here?

Started reading up on the cyclocross controversy and this “little” motor might be acceptable. It doesn’t add that much power so for older or injured riders could use it for a small boost.


only one way to power a bicycle…any other removes it from that catagory