Dropper added to the Chiner

Picked up a bargain dropper from Amazon ( http://amzn.to/1tsnbXd ) and installed it today. Seems pretty solid and if lasts a year I’ll be happy. Tested it out around the neighborhood and it’s pretty cool; I’ve never ridden with one before. Action seems fine, drops then rises with lever press again. Not really any seat wiggle at all so that’s good.

The bike did jump to 28lbs with the dropper and the Thomson stem I put on. The carbon stem just didn’t feel secure to me.


Im nervous with the stem I ordered…carbon

Droppers…I am not sold on them yet

Cool! How far does it drop?

110mm and it worked flawlessly on its first run.

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Upgrades of the year go to you Tim. You went from not riding to riding and then decided to upgrade everything!! Well considering your tubeless, have wider tires, hydro brakes, a 1x11, new fork and shock, and a carbon frame to boot, your definitely living in the future. Well done sir!!! Try using your dropper for jumps and turns…you’ll love it.