Dont forget you cycle shoes

What a blast but not fun
Yesterday I had to pick up my Grand daughter and bring her to Calverton to meet up with loretto.We had planned to do a loop around the park and then I was going to blast off to a trail and do a loop then meet them for lunch.

Cleaning out the ride and Loading up in a rushing… I leave the house and get to my daughters in ronkonkamano and start heading for the expressway when it hits me… god damned I forgot my Sidis.

so I figure I would just do with out…after meeting Lo and doing a loop… I head out to meet Sic Vic at GR… I get to the trail and he is already in… so I suit up and head out for a loop. Dressed in cycling gear less the correct shoes… well to cut it short, It was not fun

First I noticed a serious case of “hot foot”
Second…on every single bumpy down Hill my foot would bounce around causing the pedal to spin and causing my foot to slide off.
Third off …the wide soul of the shoe caused my foot to slip to the outside of the pedal.

these three things almost caused endless crashes at speed…and…when slowing down…my foot got seriously hot…

Moral of the story…dont forget your shoes