Dirt bikers in trails

In East setauket this morning there were 2 possibly 3 dirt bikers cutting through the Mountain bike trails near the power lines and the far east

The never ending scourge of mtb trails, along with horses.

I have advocated from day 1…join forces with the dirt bike community and rally for legal riding areas for dirt bikes.

BUT… that was shot down

I hate to say it but I agree with that decision. The current issues with ebikes highlights why it’s smart to not connect with motorized 2 wheelers.

My Thought is

  1. power comes in numbers and advocating for places for a legal place would have a larger impact for dirt bike riders.

  2. educate the Dirt bike community on why NOT to ride the mtb trails

These are 2 powerful tools. If we utilize them then there is NO excuse for them to tresspass…then we have a right to bitch. I Know many MTBers who tresspass on land that is not designated for mtbing and specifically has signs for no biking…this is the same thought dirt bike riders have (i.e. “im not doing any harm” and “we have no place to ride”)