Did a different trail today

Traveled a little north today.
Went up to Chuck Lennon MTB trail.

Lots of ups and downs with some pretty tricky stuff. The sections that have a split for By pass or more difficult are exactly that ( which did I chose… wanna guess)

It was great to see a ton of people on the trail out riding… and the club in the area… very well marked out and defined trail… great Job!

If you’re up in the daytona area… i highly recomend this trail… and make sure you choose the more difficult… a ton of fun

Youtube the trail for a check out to see what its like

That’s great, glad you’re enjoying post-working life.

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Thanks Tim

Trails here are fun.

The local trails are like converted hiking trails. Maintaining momentum is hard if you want to hammer… but the CL trail is fast and tricky. No serious climbs but a ton of drop ins and climb outs.