Could this be me on a great weekend

Sporting the NEW Vision Jersey with my trail Buddy…Yes his name is Buddy and he is the fastest trail dog I have ever seen.
Also if you Look at the “Main” sign you will see a Vision sticker attached.

Anyway it was a great weekend from friday to today
Friday was a 23 mile road ride in the Niss
Sat: 47 with SBRA on the road out too Smiths point
Today: GR in the AM and then about 10 miles at the Jewel (RP)


Woohoo! That sticker won’t last long but it looks good. Nice shirt too :wink:

Ohhhhh mannnnnn!! I wish I had a trail dog. I love those pics ya see in bike magazine where the trusted 4 legged trail companions tongue is hanging out of its mouth clearing log rolls like mighty dog running gallantly next to its owner like one of the Stark kids wolves. All my westy would do is try to bite my tire as I’m Rollin through the trail and send me into a tree, and God forbid there’s a squirrel around I’ld never see him again.

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Buddy is a Rescue from PR

He is incredibly fast and sticks to the trail like glue.

Loretto and Myself are lucky to hve him

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