Coronavirus and you

So… is this affecting your ability to get out on the trails or vacation at this point? Hopefully everyone is healthy and remains so.

This is insane. Its more like the Controlvirus

the Govt took complete control and canceled and took control of our lives completely. This is …yes contagious, but its nothing like the flu where it is just as contagious and has taken more lives. Wide spread hysteria (Up by you guys) and the media (insert CNN and MSNBC) ratings are way up. As a matter of fact, this pandemic I think is saving them!

The LI DIst Manager came back from expo in SD and was knocked out by a upper respiratory infection…so he said. I think Corona…but he never went to the doctor and he lived and is recovered. It really is not as bad as the media would lead you to believe. Its a version of SARS or MERS. Most people probably had one or the other and thought it was the flu.

But yes, I have been doing everything I want. Just seen Southside Johnny and the asbury Jukes. I Have been riding everyday in the trails, been going out to dinner a couple times a week. Weather has been nothing shy of awesome.

I hope you have been doing well up there and please keep it safe

Well said Sparty. I literally could not have explained it better. Thank you for the realistic explanation. People follow like sheep in mass hysteria.

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watch out for those face slappers when riding. Remember, they slapped somebody else in the face before slapping you… Just saying

Heck no, get out and ride… Enough said!

Been riding on avg 6 times a week and sometimes twice in one day… Loving life