Compliments of Mudbone!

I almost ran her tail over last week

OK, that’s crazy riding around those. What about snakes on the trail?

I have ran into Non Venomous snakes
Racer Snakes and Rat snakes. Usually about 4-5’ in Length.
I saw a rat snake once and hit the brakes so hard… I did a polish wheelie and almost landed on it.

I have chased a Bobcat down the trail, Pigs, Armadillos… The wild life is amazing here!!!

Best part, No ticks or Poison Ivy.

As for Momma gator. I stopped by her yesterday. She was down the bank (they do not climb well) and was about 7 feet from her. As long as we don’t threaten the babies we are fine. She is not very agressive.
Also… Gators don’t eat meat till they are about 6 feet in length. They also are as afraid of you as you are of them.

Tim, Its amazing down here and did I mention. Lots of riders are FAST!

That sounds great and I do hate the ticks up here.

Loretto has both Babsiosis and Lymes from tick bites. She fatigues easily and has aches and pains in her joints. She can no longer donate blood because of the infections.

Those teeny weeny lil buggers are sneaky.

As a normal Practice I shaved my legs and could feel them on my legs… but if they got on my clothes it was almost impossible to feel them till it was too late.
I am not a fan of using Chemicals to keep them off of me… so it was a roll of the dice every ride… and I was riding 4 to 5 times a week… Now I have to worrk about Gators, Bobcats and Pigs!
Speaking of Pigs. Buddy the wonder dog was bit by a pig about 3 months ago. The pig got him good!