Coming soon to a trail near you

After riding the #12 at Edgewood it became clear that maybe it was time to upgrade. The Marin is great but it’s also just too bouncy. Enter Chinese carbon! I’ll post some more once it gets near completion.

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LOL “Chinese Carbon”

I think almost all carbon bikes are chinese.
Whats the difference?
I really dont have the time to do a comparison or a read.

I have a cheapo HT carbon (Insert WEIL) and I am happy with it.

Ride the wheels off it tim and enjoy it!

Ha, it’s what they call them at MTBR.

They have their own web forum.

Thanks for the link!

Thats great!

Thanx for posting

Finally got the bleed kit so I can route the rear brake cables internally. I also received the integrated headset. With luck I’ll be able to ride this week!

Good for you…keep us posted