Ch-ch-changes to the old Marin

Swapped the old Fox Vanilla Float for this:

What can I say, I like a good bargain and dumping lots of $$ on a 17 year old ride probably isn’t a good idea.

Rode around the yard and it’s an improvement.

I also have a carbon stem and handle bar coming… All bargains!

sounds like all good stuff.
I believe that the suspension advances is not all that big from the older bikes to the new. The shocks have changed a bit, but the design is not all that major.

My Old Tracer (circa 04) has better suspension that the spider II (2013) that I had. the fox forks I feel went backwards. The open bath is much more responsive than the cartridge. Plus the adjustability is much better on the open bath. With the open bath its east to change the viscosity and the oil level to change the characteristics of the fork…so to update the old trusty steed…if your comfy on the bike, then update it!

Good stuff Tim…that shock is pretty cheap. I need to replace the old Float on my 04 Gt Idrive. My Idrive used to weigh 32.5 lbs. Went tubeless, 2x9, carbon seatpost, and a newer fork. Bike now weighs 29.25 lbs. And could still drop some weight in the future…Funny enough my old shock has no lockout or much settings for adjusting. New shocks are a Marvel!!!

It’s not a bad shock, it’s actually two chambers (main and negative) has a lockout and rebound control. We’ll see how it lasts but at this price it’s a deal.