Cathedral Pines Burn and berm

Been hitting up CP.
Trail is in great shape…Trimmed well and its been incredibly Fast. For the most part the flow is phenominal and…Kudos to the people who laid it out and RichS for maintaining it… But, In the Burn and berm section there is a tree down after a really fast corner that has been there for weeks and I have noticed a lot of signs of people crashing on it. Its great to have a challenge such as that in/on a trail. I have no issues with it, but the concern of lesser skilled riders.
The way its set up is kind of hokey. The ramp up it and the ramp down it are…well set up…hokey. The log ramps are poorly set up and move all the time.

I herd one Member say a few years ago to let the Stewards set up the log roll overs because they know what they are doing. As a matter of fact…on a beginner ride a few years ago at cp a rider Crashed on a little log roll over that was a fix for a downed tree that a person…not steward set up and he went ballistic. That was set up better then the one in burn and berm… At the risk of somebody of lesser skill getting hurt maybe this should be fixed…Once again… I have no issue with it with the skill I have…but a lesser skilled rider.

If the steward says its good… then … Its good…his choice… Maybe a better ramp up and ramp down like the ones in Halloween?

But I have always been an advocate for the lesser skilled

Just to be CLEAR.

I am not suggesting a removal of the log/tree… but a more secure ramp up and ramp down.

I like the log there…it adds some spice… Just noticing a lot of skid marks and a lot of evidence of people crashing.