Cathedral Pines again

Hit cathedral again on sunday. Some of my freinds have been referring it to a wash board and have been avoiding it…Mind you , seasoned fast riders.

in all due fairness I had to give it a quick lap.

WOW, the trail has really been shaping up. The original lay out with its flow is incredible. Face slappers gone!
Trail is trimmed perfectly!
and… I guess maybe somebody herd me with the burn and burm log. Finally a nice ramp to get over it (making it easier for lesser skilled riders… My concern)

I must admit SSrich has done a good job…and it is much appreciated with much gratitude.

Was on the trail this morning marking the racecourse. Surprisingly it wasn’t that bad. A few spots were bad but should be ok.

The FTF will only cancel if there is heavy rain. But it looks like if…if we get showers they won’t be bad.

See you all at the ftf tomorrow.

Why are you guys trash talking in here? Use PMs or something else if you want to smack down.

Have fun at CP!


Imho… no matter what CP has always been fun.

Have always loved that trail… the admission fee to enter during the summer months is well worth it.

No trash talk. I think rich does a great job keeping CP in great shape. If it wasn’t for him the ftf wouldn’t be so much with a great all,around trail.

I chose Cathedral for the FTF for many reasons. One being it has always been a great example of long island mountain biking.

Factor in the the camping with access to electric
Factor in the field with Power and parking
Factor in the location of the other trails that are close.

The first year I incorporated a race with Carl hart. The unfortunate part was CLIMB refused to endorse the race and promote it with the program. (I was told it was bad Karma with other shops being neglected). This left a bad taste with the boys at Carl Hart.

Live bands were scheduled and they were pooh poohed (hence the electric).

CP has lots to offer along with the awesome trail. The added miles are a great… Holloween is super fast. The new section, at first was confusing, because I had listen to people on telling me how to ride it. After riding in circles for a month of weekends…I did my own mental GPS and figured it out. Its flowing better, But I like it the way the race course was run…less the 2 chicanes.

I have mentioned in the past about the Burn and berm tree needed a better ramp on the up side (I dont care for me, My level of expertise its easy, but for lesser skilled riders) and was critisized for opening my mouth. Earlier in the season I mentioned the trail needed a trim and had a lot of face slappers…Once again. My thought on face slappers is somebody got slapped before you and there is plenty of snot, saliva and sweat on them… But nobody cares… Until they get a cold sore.

My suggestions are to make the trails BETTER for all. Not just one level of rider or one particular style. I have stated from the beginning that all trails have their own personality. They all have their own features… and CP has its very distinctive personality.

As a person who was a steward and has trimmed and maintained Rocky Point even for years after I stepped down, I have come to realize that most stewards like to do their own thing and are NOT open to suggestions. They have their own mind set and reasoning which has to be respected. Even though in the past I have made suggestions of a book (insert Manuel), exchanging ideas and working a uniform technique (modeled after hitch) and it was shot down hard… It brought me to my conclusion stated above… But I have learned an incredible amount, about the trails, nature, use and people.

With that, I am happy the post was removed. I did not agree with it and did not say a thing, because as I said earlier… I learned a lot about people.

I feel editing and removing posts cause thier not all gum drops and lolli pops is wrong. People should be able to express themselves without going overboard. And freedom of expression should always prevail. It’s our right as Americans. I didn’t get involved with the FTF thread cause it’s not my concern. But to end my point certain trail stewards need much better people skills and to learn how to be team players. Not everyone is As cool and humble As Hich… As far as CP being a good spot for FTF I agree. Strange how this year Brands was working with Muddy Tire for race…And bringing in bands is in the works for next year…But I will never stop promoting more features on our trails…saw Cat 1 racers rolling 1 ft drops…conditioning is 1 thing, skill set is another. Shout outs to Edwin and Roy who destroyed the field!!

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Looking forward to hitting this trail again when I come back… soon… soon as the lock down is unlocked