Carbon mods for old-school Marin

Here’s a shot of the carbon stem and riser bars I picked up from Amazon for the Marin.

I’m hoping with these and the 1x11 drive coming that I can get the bike under 30 lbs. Right now we’re at 31.4 with 3x8 drive and aluminum bars/stem.

The seat looks heavy too… Problem is I love that drop nose so I don’t know if I’m willing to change it out; going to have to think about that.

Yeah, The seat looks heavy, But the bike is looking good!!!

I use selle italia and Tioga Spyders

My Tracer sits in Under 25 and the Carbon Hard Tail is under 22

The new bike I am hoping will be under 25 as well. I am building it with all carbon and left over Ti.
I purchased Carbon bars and a stem. I am going All Shimano (2 by with a 42 big ring)…but maybe a crankset. I am going to use 2.1 tires mated to the 27.5 wheels.