Cant blame me, I am in florida!

I have been officially in Florida since mid January (one can say, I quietly faded away… but who cares* ROTFLMAO)… I am loving it here. Cant blame me for anything anymore… Just saying

This corona thing is all your fault

Damn… you caught me!

What next!

I’m guessing you’re behind 5G too

5BeeGees…coronian… I am a bad boy! But, I am loving life down yonder. Rekon Ya all havent been out and about havin a hoot

All is good up here on the trails! Lots of people riding, running, hiking and walking with their dogs. Still a chill in the air in the am and still getting out a few times per week. Keep it rolling!

I did the usual today at Malabar to cameron to turkey and back. Its a pleasant loop with minimal elevation changes… but with the win and the trail coverings its like climbing… The best thing to happen with this virus scare is… the amount of people out is amazing. Hiking, biking, running, walking their dogs. Exactly, keep it rolling.