Braving the heat?

Wow is it hot and sticky lately. Have you guys been riding or what?

Nah Man, My mom passed away monday and it has been a very busy week. I will be out on SUnday

Sorry to hear about your mom dude. Condolences to you and yours…
I’m heading out now to hit east setauket just to keep out of the hottest parts of day but I don’t think it’s gonna help much. Extra fluids is all you can do.

So just got back from riding east setauket. Holy hell!!! Honestly heat wasn’t problem as long as ya stopped to take a break every now and again we were fine. It was the mosquitos that were making the ride horrible. After a while You couldn’t stop because of EM, they were swarming us all over our faces. which after getting through all of wild laurel and the wall I was done felt way overheated had to bail. Besides that I lost 6 lbs today.

Haven’t ridden recently temps have been brutal!! I’m really sorry to hear about your loss Jim. May she rest in peace…

Thanks man!

I hit MVH today and had a blast as usual.
Pace was relaxed, but…still labored

Finally got a ride in. Did a night ride from my house to G8 and back with my friend Dave. Almost got hit twice by careless drivers but added to the fun. We rode pretty late so wasn’t too bad. This month will be doing the Critical Mass in NYC…should be fun!!

haven’t been riding, finally feeling a bit cooler today. Perhaps an early morning RP ride tomorrow :sunglasses:

I think that storm today finally helped.

Yes nice out this morning but looks like more rain any minute.

I ride don’t matter what the weather is. I love to ride 2 wells ago I was sweating my ass off with billy lol

Had a great ride yesterday at rocky point :sunglasses:

so far every day been road riding here in florida. Hot as balls, but the breeze makes everything ok

Ride on!

Enjoy the vacation dude