Bleh, crappy weather again!

It looks pretty outside but I’m kind of over winter and snow at this point.

LOL…snow plowing all day… UGH

I will take spring forr 1000 alex

Was in the woods on Sunday with my friend Dave doing some trail work…cutting new lines, making berms, and cutting trees. Trail was rideable and knowing which trails drain best is key to always riding. And I’d take plowing (especially if I’m being compensated) over shoveling any day of the week. It will soon be over finally…

Looks like this weekend might be nice for a change

Yessir I’ll be getting an Easter ride in at G8 and prob do some trail work…Have a Happy Easter everyone!!

Can you believe we’ve had 4 months of snow this winter, starting in December? I can’t remember the last time we had a period like this.