Blah blah blah, anyone riding?

I really don’t get out enough and the weather this year has been mostly shit for when I might get out. Bleh.

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In the summer I rode my road bike during the week and my mtb early in the morning on weekends like 6:30 or 7.

Now rides are in the afternoon after work about 2 days and weekends either before or after soccer games if they are home games (away games are out of state) away games either spin at the hotel or run.

Before work like 5:45am weights 3x/week run 2x/week

I just make time where I can.

Too bad tim. I know how much you love riding. Its tough and even more so with kids your age.

All I can say is you gottam make time and if you dont, time will just pass… Go out and get some!

yo, how about meeting up this weekend for a loop!

On the norm for me, 4 times a week…but this weather the last week killed it. So, I mostly hit MVH and GR. A little GR hear and there. Not much RP… No ESS and lately I have been on a CP kick. Not much road cycling anymore. Long Island roads on the north shore are at best OK. Lots of pot holes and snake bites… Starting to feel my age. The desire to hammer is…well…lets just say I am not as hungry as I was to go fast.

I set up a soul cycle spin bike…I am hoping to spin every day.