Beautiful morning at the ridge!

Great morning for riding with my 40 and over crew. Trails here were awesome today, felt way faster than they normally do to me, if that’s even possible.

Man I’ve got to get to this trail :hushed:

Have you ever ridden it before?

I was at GR for an easy ride yesterday. Trail was fast…fast…fast

Negative, I’ve never been. Soon. Soon.

Tim…Lets do it. I will guide you

Dude it’s a good fun trail. I find your coasting way more than your pedaling in a lot of places. Also with the cut over trail to Overton you can add the extra miles and then come back and finish the last few trails in the ridge. Glacier ridge has some good hill climbs and long fast and flowy descents that you can’t help but perpetually grin like a Chester cat through. :smiley:see this face, that’s going to be your face while you glide down the what goes up must come down section and through the pink Floyd trails and Def down the end of the white ghost trail. Your head will turn into a total elated emoji. Lololol.