Ardent/Ikon vs Nobby Nic/Racing Ralph vs?

I’m currently running Continental X King’s front and rear, in 2.4 width, Black Chilli compound with Protection sidewall on my 5010CC. Although I love their low rolling resistance, I can’t say I love their cornering grip. When I’m pushing the bike hard the front tends to wash out very abrubtly with little warning. I’m 195lbs. with no riding gear on and run 26psi front and 28psi rear. I’ve played around with tire pressure to no avail. Our trails here on Long Island can be quick if you push yourself. I’d like a good ‘do it all’ aggressive XC/Trail/AM set-up for my home turf as well as trips upstate and such.

I ran Rocket Ron’s on my Blur TrC and really liked them. Unfortunately they are only available in 27.5x2.25 and I would like a wider tire.

I would like a tire set-up that can be pushed hard, boost cornering confidence, great rolling resistance and lighter in weight. I know that may be hard to accomplish. I have been eyeing up semi-slick tires for the rear such as the Rock Razor and Slaughter, but the options are slim and somewhat heavy as they tend to be Gravity/Enduro tires.

Any insight on the following options…

  • Nobby Nic 2.35, TrailStar, Snakeskin front with Racing Ralph 2.25 PaceStar Snakeskin rear.

  • Ardent 2.4, Dual, EXO/TR front and Ikon 2.35 (or 2.25) Dual, EXO/TR rear. Ikon front and rear? Ardent Race? A combo of these???

  • Purgatory 2.3 front and Captain 2.25 rear. Slaughter rear?

  • Swap out my front X King for a 2.4 Mountain King

Hey… I think I posted a reply to you on mtbr.

I gotta find a low rolling resistance tire. Let me know what your final choice is

I’d say a Nobby Nic/ Rocket Ron would be a great combo or I have two friends on these setups 2.35 Hans Dampf/2.25 Nobby Nic and 2.4 Nobby Nic/2.35 Rock Razor. There are two versions of the Nobby Nic. The older one uses Racing Ralph carcass while newer one uses Hans Dampf carcass and broader shoulder lugs. The Ardent with Ardent Race wouldn’t be bad but the Ikon falls short in wet and greasy conditions. I’ve never personally used the Specialized tires so can’t help there. And putting on a Mountain King would definitely increase your grip.

I notice another post about the NN over at MTBR.

Kind of said the same thing about the NN when it comes to turning. My issue was hard back.

I have the high roller2 on my fs they don’t slip for nothing and in my ht I have the 2.35 ikon and they are fast and they grip as well I had the the ralfs was not a fan. Once they get wet u slide all over the roots fast but no traction