Anyone riding today ;)

Anyone riding today thinking about hitting gr or cunnie

Good luck, the heat and humidity killed me yesterday.

Had a blast today in gr :wink:

Yes I did,
cut a fast lap at Rocky Point. Did the whole kit and kabootle in under 1hr and 40 Little flower kids around RP.

Tomorrows plans are to ride then Give RP a trimming and Lord does it need it! What I would like to know…where are the other stewards?

Lo has been dealing with her mom and is limited on time, but…

She should go through the other site or contact them another way to figure that out.

Also, that’s pretty fast!

Thanks Tim, Yeah I can still cut half way decent times. Went out again today to the forbidden trail and check it out…the torture chamber is now recut!

Its slightly changed. The second hill is now the first…right turn at the bottom and you spin up…its insane…steeper than Everest!