Almost ready for a ride

Its coming along. Everything is failling into place. Its not as light as I would like… feel factory is about 23 lbs. Big savings was the wheels

Looks sweet. I like the weight saving seat.

believe it or not. the seat is actually very comfy. Lotta time…and money went into this thing!!!

Took it out too overton today

The only thing that didnt come in yet is the cassette… so the old one was used.

Talk about pop corn… holy smokes. There was only 2 gears that were useable. The big chain wheel is a 38 and little is a 24 I believe.
Gearinis perfect in the back (34/11 10sp)… but… it pops.
Almost everything is new… the fork is way stiffer than the old 32mm … the bike feels light and agile and… to my surprise stiffer than i expected.
Maybe its the boost spacing on the wheels… which i can definately notice.

Awaiting the new cogs then i am done.

I think i am into it for about 3 to 35 less the frame… yeah… they said switch over most of the parts… ha ha ha
Everything is new… less bars, stem. Shifters and rear derailluer… ha ha ha

These tires do not work well on Florida Trails.

Too skinny… need something a little Fatter to glide thru the sand. They also Knife in the corners… time to upgrade

Looks like you have some room there to go fatter.

Definitely have room. This is a boost frame and fork.
These tires were kicking on Long Island. But here, they dont float on the sand. also on the carpet and trail lining theycut right in… not fun. Feels like a whole ride of climbing

Went up too 2.2 tires. Maxxis IKON… what a difference… OMG! no more Knifing and floats thru the sandy sections better. What was I waiting for!

I have been riding 3.0 Rocket Ron’s on a hardtail(27.5+) and I’m so surprised at how well they roll. Previous bikes(29er) have been on 2.35 and when I switch back I feel like it’s so unstable. I guess we just adapt…

been using 2.0 on LI.

They are light and roll fast, grip like hell

Here in Florida the trails are like… stillwell. Hard pack with a glazing of sand and full on sand. Some hard dirt sections. The 2.0 were not cutting it. A Quick question to my buddy Chris asking what he uses and suggests 2.25 to 2.35 for florida. He does well on Long Island an has been coming down here for a few years on vaca and doing some racing (he just won his class for the Graham swam 360)… So, just to reassure myself I had to ask. Thanx for your input