Airbourne and the fort

Well, After all the shit that happened with CLIMB. I Have had cold feet with Joining another “CLUB”

Well, I bit the bullet and Joined Airbourne. Seems like a bunch of “chipper fellers” I have met a bunch of the riders and yes… they are fast!

I have only Ridden The Fort so far. Havent done Halpat or J.D.
Tell ya what , The fort will rattle your brains. Lots of roots and stumps and Palms and other things that will put you on your ass nothing but quick if you miss your(My Lines) line by 1 inch. I have aleady hit the deck like a rag doll when negotiating a section over roots when my pedal (insert timing) clipped a Stump on the side of the trail. I landed in a garden of roots. My reward wasBruises and road rash eveywhere!!! .
needless to say I miss the easy fast flowing trails up north… but this shit is way more techy… way more!

Get off the brakes and let that sucker roll!!!