Ah yes....... the weekend

What was i thinking.
Yesterday i hit Stilly for a loop or 2. The goal was to do 3 loops… but after i started loop 2 and made it to the snake pit… the bike was bitten by a snake…ouch.
Pace was brisk, but nothing overwhelming. Saw some faces that opened some wounds, but… I have the strength to accept the things i can not change (thanks be to god). As alwas the trail is challenging… even more so when i step up the pace.

Today I rode RP today…
Sparty speed. Pace was eye watering… did the loop… less over the hills and boring rock.

Last year i was avg about 1h 30m for the 20 mile loop. Today i was under an 1h 30m and was somewhere around 1:28 … but i had to back off a bit because the 275 just pushes in the corners… if i was on my 26er… probably knock off another 5 mins…

But it was a lot of fun.

What a weekend

Sounds like a great weekend of riding!

any riding on the weekend is awesome tim

I did spin twice lastweek and rode both days on the weekend…for a 55 YO dude… I feel strong! My lap times at RP are better now than 10 years ago. Stilly… again… better. Though my best time at stilly …before Loco and the tiny bit added at the end before Loco was 21 mins…