About the Stillwell Woods Trail

Stillwell Woods

One of the best trails on the island and best one in Nassau County. Great example of mountain biking on Long Island. Downhills and uphills mainly consist of going into and out of ravines. One of the most naturally technical trails around.

These can be quite intense going down; some have tight exits and others you can roller-coaster up the other side (relatively speaking). The terrain is basically hard-packed dirt with small stretches of sand and cobbles especially in the ravine bottoms. There are the usual assortment of roots and some potentially harmful-to-tires sapling stumps in the middle of the trail.


Mileage: 5.8 miles total length. .8 mile for Loco (locomotive) section. 3 main loops: a beginner green loop, intermediate blue loop, and advanced black loop. Can also connect to Trailview for added mileage.

Technical: Naturally being one of the most technical trails on the island. Fast chutes with drops along the way test your skills. Some tough punchy climbs, rooty sections, and loose sandy areas add to it’s character.

Elevation: 250 ft of climbing with about 88 ft of elevation change. Sandy conditions can add to difficulty.

Flow: A very fast trail if your cardio and handling abilities are sharp. Rides like a mini rollercoaster. One of the most fun trails on the island.

Overall: It’s one of the oldest and still one of the best trails on Long Island. Drains really well due to sandy composition of trail but rich clay areas are present. A really great fatbike trail. Conditions get tougher during dry months. A blast to ride!