A little problem with the new tires

So I went tubeless with some giant tires (for a 26" at least) that are 2.3 - the issue is that the new wheelset with new tires sits a little to the left on the bike causing some rubbing. The right side has no issues.

I’m thinking that the dishing is off on the factory built wheel and I have a Park dish tool to check that. Even if the dish is correct… can I adjust the spokes to pull right a bit to get rid of the rub? Is that OK to do?

Yes you can, But you have to be careful to make sure the threads dont bottom on the one side and the other has enough to run alll the way out. First make sure the wheel is centered in the drop outs before you redish it.

OK, dish was fine as far as I could tell. I trued up the wheel a bit and the rub seems to be gone. Of course this was an on-the-bike using the rub to “true” the wheel so it’s a bit dodgy but hopefully good enough for now.