3rd Annual NBC Grand Slam Oct Sun 16th

Well folks it’s that time of the year again… Weather is finally cooler. Great time to take a tour of some of the trails here on Long Island. We will be doing same format as last year.
Just like last year water and fruit will be provided throughout the day. Of course you’re free to do as little or as much of it as you’d like. As in previous years we will start at Gr then link up to Overton. Finish Overton and then finish the remaining parts of Gr. From there we will drive to Cathedral Pines and finish up. Gr to Overton and back is about 24 miles. Gr alone is 13.5 miles. Cathedral Pines adds another 10 miles. So the total for the Grand Slam would be about 34 miles.
Stay tuned for more details including start times and pace.

Sounds like fun, I’m a tentative yes.

Nope…thats the day of carlsons triple crown.

I am out for both. Will be doing a hammer ride early at MVH

Ok… pace will be determined by the people who show up. And as the day goes pace will probably mellow out. Should be a nice cool morning followed by fresh evening. We will probably have a small bbq afterwards with brews.

   Schedule of Events:

8:00 am
Meetup at Glacier Ridge and get ready.

8:30 am
Grand Slam ride begins with Glacier and link into Overton in Hunter’s Path.

11-11:15 am
Finish up Glacier Ridge and Overton. Fuel up and take a break. Drive to Cathedral Pines.

12-12:15 pm
Begin the last part of the Grand Slam…almost done! One lap at Cathedral Pines for all the glory.

1-1:15 pm
Grand Slam is completed and you just rode 3 very different trails of Long Island in one day. Take a load off and enjoy some grub. Congrats!!!

Ok folks… Grand Slam is this Sunday and the weather is looking great. We will meet at the smaller lot in front of the Town Hall. For those who have never done this ride, now is the time. All aboard…

Signs are pointing to yes for at least some of this.

Which part yo.

I am on a time frame. Looking to maybe hit GR at about 9ish. I have to see what the schedule is because I must be home by no latter than 11ish…so I have to avoid the rush

I’m hoping to make it by 8:30-8:45

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Great riding with you guys today. I’ll toss up a couple of images later. My legs are killing me.

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Nice to finally meet you Tim. Weather couldn’t have been better. You did real good considering little saddle time. I’m sure you’ll be that much stronger next year. I was very carbed up and felt good all day. Trails were pretty dry except for Overton. Had a nice BBQ and some brews afterwards…till next year NBC crew out.