1st ride of the season

Had not been at Rocky Point yet this year. Went in with Dave and Tom. We ended up skipping West side since it’s not a fan favorite. Also had to skip some diamonds due to time constraints. All in all got 15.2 miles in of fast flow. Very pretty dry and pine needles down and sand pockets in certain areas. The trimming was surprisingly good with only a few high grass spots. Was testing a new rear tire Maxxis Ardent Race 3C 27.5x2.35…and really liked how it performed. Rolls better than my Nobby Nic with only slightly less traction. Equivalent shoulders lugs for predictable cornering…hit 23.1 mph top speed in my 32:13 at 85%. The newer cuts all seem to have broken in and the irregular moguls ride better. You have to float the bike and have adaptive body english…the dropper comes in handy. I forgot how fun this trail is at fast speeds!!!

The trail was trimmed good?

I may have to hit it this weekend.

Knobby Nic…sorry for the disagree…but they never worked good for me…even more so at rocky. Inconsistent feel when leaned over. bite/break loose/bite feel and they rolled horrible…and you did 15 miles in 32 mins?

I have said it a thousand times…Rocky was always fun at speed. tTooling around always made for a lame ride…some people said it felt like a paved road and i always said hit the single track at speed and feel the flow

I’ve always loved the Nobby Nic as a great all rounder, for Long island only I’d pick the Rocket Ron for faster rolling and less weight. I run my rear at 25-26.5 psi depending on width and condition, tubeless of course. And the 32:13 is gear ratio I was referring to. Hopefully this rain firms up the trail a bit…

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