1st Annual VisionMtb meet n greet Picnic ride

Thought it would be great idea to have a meet and greet. Could be a picnic/bbq format with a ride somewhere in between…thoughts???

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Sounds cool :sunglasses: byomtb​:smiley:

Where? Let’s start tossing dates around.

Sounds fun… Would hve to be a trail that’s doable for beginners and people who aren’t as experienced but obviously able to sustain a BBQ/picnic…

Cathedral pines? They do have nice big open areas to set up shop as trail wraps around ya

I was thinking Glacier 8. It has trails, picnic areas and sports areas all close.

g8 has the facilities but it’s not beginner friendly… And someone new to riding would most likely walk away from this trail… If they are able to complete … Dejected and in pain

Cathedral and bethpage are great… But you have to pay to get in… EW has the pavilion,but may be tricky too for some riders

No need to pay to have fun!!! G8 is def beginner friendly. It’s one of the shortest trails we have plus has various loops. I ride that trail rigid and SS with no problem and my friend’s kids ride it on lil mtb bikes…lol. Could always throw some Greenbelt in there to lengthen a newbie ride…Sundays work for me…get out of work by 1.

Well hate to say it but only a month left of summer. So if were gonna make this happen…should happen soon. I’m probably taking a trip to Round Top with the crew end of the month. Temps are mellowing out…let’s BBQ!!

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I’m finding it hard to squeeze in any riding right now :frowning:

Ditto about squeezing in the riding😌. Gonna try after work today to do RP😎

If all else fails,I live in RP and could have a few people over for BBQ then ride from my place… Just a thought😉

Glacier, CP, and dare i say it…shoreham

I like the Rp idea…rode G8 with Willb last night. It’s in pretty good shape. Can we do it on a Sun??

Sunday works for me. Lets get this party started :sunglasses:

Ok…I’ll be away the weekend of the 18th but any other Sun should be good. Maybe like 230-3 pm start time would be great.

Ok, how about September 25th?